Meet Our Artisans: Na

Meet Our Artisans: Na

This is the fourth installment of our interview series, Meet Our Artisans, where we interview the female artisans that work at Ethnic Lanna.

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Today we had a chance to sit down with Na, who has been with the company for over 4 years now.

Here's what she had to say.

*please note that interview has been translated from Thai to English*

Name: Na

Age: 44
How Long Have You Been Working At Ethnic Lanna?

4 and a half years now.
What Do You Do At Ethnic Lanna?

I work at the machines. I do the embroidery fabrics and also sew bags.
How Has Working At Ethnic Lanna Affected Your Life?

I have made many friends at Ethnic Lanna and it has been a relief for me to know I have a stable income coming in every two weeks. It's very hard to find stable paying jobs here in Thailand. Many of us sell the items we make to tourists at the markets and never know how much we are going to sell which can be very stressful.
I am very happy to be working at Ethnic Lanna.

Na, front center, is pictured here with some of our other artisans.

Na is pictured here next to our embroidery machines.

Finally, a photo of Na with one of her closest work friends, Daeng.

Hope you've been enjoying learning more about our artisans! Leave a comment if you'd like to see more interviews. :)

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