Why Shop Fair Trade?

Why Shop Fair Trade?

We at Ethnic Lanna pride ourselves in producing and selling 100% fair trade pieces for three reasons: the artisans, the environment, and our customers.

By selling at fair trade prices, we are bridging the gap between the artisans and the vast modern global economy. Every level of production is environmentally friendly and promotes safe working conditions, while providing proper wages to the people who make our company the success it is today. While many women in Thailand are exploited by the sewing trade, which frequently pays seamstresses well under minimum wage, all of our staff is paid at or above the Thai minimum wage. We value the beautiful work that our artisans in Chiang Mai and in the Hill Tribes put into our products, so we work hard to ensure they’re receiving the payment and recognition they deserve.

Our artisans not only work with unique embroidered patterns that we design in house but they help support the environment by reusing a variety of hilltribe fabrics when creating new products. You can see a variety of styles that feature patchwork designs featuring Thai tribal prints.

Lastly, fair trade practices ensure that you, our customers, get the very best quality products made with love.

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