Selling Fair Trade Products

Selling Fair Trade products is the first step in taking your business beyond simply selling what everyone else has to making it your own. Mixing fair trade artisan crafted products into your product line not only expands your potential market, but sends a positive message about your company.Combine this with the knowledge you are making a positve difference in the world and you can't lose!

Why Does Fair Trade Matter

No more than 15 years ago the term "Fair Trade" was rarely refered to, even though organizations had existed promoting the concept since the 1940's. Consumers became concious of sweatshops and child labor in the 1980's, but the idea of paying a person a living wage for their work had not yet become a descision making factor. It took the efforts of mindful consumers and companies like Ethnic Lanna to help promote the basic principle of Fair Trade to bring it to where it is today.

Fair trade has now expanded well beyond the confines of paying a living wage, but has spured other strong movements like eco fashion and sustainable fashion. Both equally important in a world where artistry has been lost and consumers are looking for a way to move away from a throw-away culture.

Your purchase encouarges artisans of South-east Asia to produce sustainable fashion women's products and make them available to consumers all over the world. All levels of our production are environmentally friendly and promote safe working conditions and a good salary.

Ethnic Lanna's Fair Trade Priniciples

Ethnic Lanna is a wholeseller and retailer of Thai artisan crafted women's handbags, accessories, clothing, shoes and jewelry. We are located right in the heart of Chiang Mai, the capital of the North of Thailand. In business for over 6 years, it is our commitment to the people of Thailand and the generosity of our customers is what has made this company a success story.

Years ago we fell in love with Hmong made textiles the moment we laid our eyes on them! These tribal groups have expressed their faith, belief and way of life into each piece of fabric, making each piece of clothing or bag come to life with an amazing history behind it! 

We currently work with over 100 women in the Northern Thailand We believe in preserving the Hmong culture, sustainability and fair trade. From up-cycled vintage baby carriers, jackets and other hand woven fabrics we showcase a variety of the Hmong artistic talent that would make for a charming part of your wardrobe. While expanding your fashion collection globally you will be supporting the developing communities of the Hmong and artisan women of Thailand.