Fair Trade With Heart, Soul, and Stunning Tradition

We are a Fair Trade company crafting and distributing Ethnic-style handbags, apparel and accessories across the globe selling at wholesale prices. Our unique artisanal brand appreciates the past while designing for the future. We produce collections that are inspired by tribal fashion, as well as vintage collections comprised of authentic fabrics from various hill tribes throughout Southeast Asia, including The Hmong, Karen, and Aka communities. Sourcing materials from the hill tribes comes from our passion for collaborating with these beautiful people, and preserving their ancestral techniques and designs.

Our Mission

To provide customers with unique, superior quality and traditional handbags, jewelry, and home decor. To have these handmade goods crafted with indigenous raw materials and designs by a multicultural team. To custom embroider fabrics, handbag designs, and patterns, and deliver them in a timely manner. To support fair trade and people from the various Hill Tribes of Southeast Asia, whose products and designs we distribute.

Becoming Ethnic Lanna : The Beauty of Collaboration

Today, our company has more than 50 employees. Among them are artisans, designers and technicians who consider traditional handicraft to be synonymous with Ethnic Lanna. All of this incredible work began with our founder, Carlos Mantilla, whose Peruvian-Mexican origins have caused him to maintain an authentic relationship with ethnic art and magical places such as Cuzco in Peru, Chiapas in Mexico, Fez in Morocco, Bali in Indonesia and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

In 2009, Carlos began a fateful friendship with Wichai, an artisan from the Hmong hill tribe in Northern Thailand. As their friendship flourished, Carlos began trading handmade goods with Wichai’s expert advice.Traveling to the US, China and Laos exploring the traditional textiles of each region, Carlos and Wichai have formed an inseparable and successful partnership. Wichai, who embodies the tradition and culture we are working to preserve, is Ethnic Lanna’s most popular artisan to date.

After a few years of rapid success, we added partner Tomi Makela from Finland to our team in 2012; His true Scandinavian spirit brought Quality Control and Steadfast Delivery into our core mission. In 2013 a new member of the management team, Lewis Anderson from the U.S., was brought on for his creative and confident approach to managing our online presence.

In 2014 we acquired a handful of embroidery machines and threads, and created Lanna Textiles Co. with the goal of continuing to produce beautiful tribal prints in support of the hill tribes, for years to come. Lanna Textiles has a monthly production capacity of 3.000 meters, and our customers are able to design their own Custom-Made embroidered fabrics.

The Ethnic Lanna Workshop (WEL) is comprised of a team of more than 15 women designing and manufacturing the gorgeous handbags we sell on our wholesale and retail sites. These talented artisans also craft products from the customer designs submitted through our Ethnic Lanna Custom-Made Service. WEL has a production capacity of over 3,000 units per month and growing. The women who make WEL the fantastic success it is today, continue to produce our goods at an exceptionally high quantity and quality.

The global nature of our company is what drives our success, and allows us to continue the conservation and elevation of ethnic cultures with centuries of history, through the worldwide sales of our authentic Fair Trade fashion.