Our Artisans - Ethniclanna

Our Artisans

These amazing women are able to provide for both themselves and their families with the income they earn crafting our vibrant products.
Gunn | Designer
Favorite thing about Ethnic Lanna : The design process. Our Favorite thing about her : Her chic sense of fashion.
“I like the process of planning each product."
From the beautiful Nan Province in Northeast Thailand, Gunn is the budding young designer in our group of Artisans. She joined our team after being educated in the Art of Fashion Design and Production at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. She originally came as an intern, but after seeing her talent and passion for design, she was brought on and given her first real job. We love all of the gorgeous things she imagines here at Ethnic Lanna!
Diit | Seamstress
Favorite thing about Ethnic Lanna : Working with different fabrics. Our favorite thing about her : Her passion for attention to detail.
“I like cutting the fabrics for making the handbags” .
Just like another artisan Diit is both a young Chiang Mai native, and hearing impaired. She has never been discouraged by tough work, previously doing maid service at a hotel, but here at Ethnic Lanna she appreciates the gorgeous and colorful results of her work. We’re happy to teach Diit, and many of our other Artisans these skills, while also providing them a rewarding income.
Dao | Seamstress
Favorite thing about Ethnic Lanna : Seeing her culture beautifully represented. Our Favorite thing about her : Her sharp work ethic.
“I really like sewing bags. I like it because I love products from my culture. It makes me happy knowing that many people around the world love Hmong textiles.”
Dao’s culture is reflected in most of what’s crafted here at Ethnic Lanna. Before joining our team of artisans almost a year ago, Dao worked in different factories packaging food, making toy dolls and sewing. She came to Chiang Mai to find work and help provide for her parents who live in her home province Mae Sot, a town on the Thai-Burma border that is home to many migrants from struggling parts of Burma.
A | Seamstress
Favorite thing about Ethnic Lanna : The uniqueness of our products. Our Favorite thing about her : Her infectious free spirit!
"At first I wasn’t able to do anything but when I saw these fabrics I fell in love with them and wanted to learn how to make them…I love every piece!”
The effervescent A, who is equal parts fun and hardworking, has been a vibrant source of light at our company since the day she arrived. A comes from Mae Hong Son, a hilly Northern province near the border of Burma that is home to an estimated 200,000 migrants. Prior to joining our Artisan team, this renaissance woman worked a multitude of different jobs from chef to saleswoman.
Two years ago, she came to work at Ethnic Lanna without prior seamstress experience. Today, her stitch precision and ability to beautifully work a sewing machine are a result of the thoughtful training she’s received from other staff members.
Niid | Seamstress
Favorite thing about Ethnic Lanna : Crafting things by hand. Our Favorite thing about her : Her ability to effortlessly inspire others.
"I like doing handmade work.”
Niid, who is hearing impaired, constantly shows us how to persevere in the face of disability. Her quite yet caring personality is encapsulated by her genuine smile, and her love for crafting things my hand is stitched into every piece she touches.