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Loving Elephant

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With our newest collection, Loving Elephant, we are weaving together tradition and fashion in support of Thai Elephants.

The Loving Elephant brand is a collection of stylish handbags, clothing, and accessories that are printed or embroidered with intricate, bold, and unique elephant images, designed and crafted by our talented and diverse team. They’ve crafted designs that hold the same sophisticated, playful, and loving nature that Thailand’s elephants possess. About 10% of Loving Elephant purchases will be directly donated to camps like The Elephant Nature Park — Thailand’s foremost elephant sanctuary.

In order to raise the funds we need to develop our Loving Elephant website, and to design and make more products, we have launched a campaign on the online fundraising platform Kickstarter.Kickstarter allows people to easily fund projects they’re passionate about. The catch is that it is all-or-nothing, so if we don’t raise 6,500 USD by June 29th, we don’t get any money and we don’t get the opportunity to bring our elephant-saving fashion to the world.

So check out our campaign and click the green ‘Back This Project’ button to receive fantastic rewards and support the success of this new brand!