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Good bye Etsy


This is a sad blog as we need to address the recent shutdown of our beloved Thai Handbags Etsy Shop, which is no longer accessible. Etsy has chosen to cancel our shop, due to their concerns that we are now too big for their marketplace and having more than 4,000 listings is not the Etsy way. We started in 2011 with just two 2 artisan staff and now we are over 40 strong here in Chiang Mai.

As a pioneer Fair Trade Fashion company in Northern Thailand, we deeply value our mission to bridge the gap between handbag lovers and artisans in Thailand, so that the artisans and their communities can flourish while preserving the ancient beauty of their cultures. Even though we have grown, we don’t consider ourselves to be at all disconnected from our Artisans or our Hill Tribe Partners whose beautiful and persistent work has allowed us to have so many handicrafts to sell.

As for our retail outlet now, we invite our customers to shop for our Fair Trade, Artisanal and Boho chic items at (You can also keep an eye out for our the new DIY shop we will be opening soon!)

For anyone with further questions on this event, please contact us at, and thanks again for your support!