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ELH: Supporting a Karen Village School


Earlier this year some of our staff journeyed to the Mohawki Village in Norther, home to a Karen Hill Tribe that is working diligently to preserve their culture through education. The school in this Hill Tribe is not government funded like most of the schools in rural Thailand. The Karen people are dedicated to keeping the unique aspects of their culture alive, so they are teaching their youth the language and cultural components they have cherished for centuries.

Since the school’s survival depends on Non-Governmental donations, our Ethnic Lanna Helps Foundation (ELH) has chosen to support this community’s growth. On our most recent trip, we donated clothing and school supplies to gracious students. We also bridged the donation of one or our wholesale customers, and on their behalf donated 4 clean water tanks for the school. Supporting a community with such a rich appreciation for culture and education is something we cherish!

With Ethnic Lanna Helps, you donate and we give! If you would like to contribute to an important cause here in Northern Thailand, you can make donations at http://ethniclannahelps.com/ and we will use those funds to provide tangible support for communities that are in need.